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Monday, October 30, 2006

Internet Junkie

Internet Junkie = Me
Lazy = Me

Procrastinate = Me

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

All Saints - Rock Steady

cool me it will stick in your head for awhile.


For those who are art lovers. Go check out this website Tons of work from millions of freelance artists are there. There are all sorts of art there, more than you could imagine.

*P.S. I deleted my previous post about 'my works up on the wall'. You are more than welcome to check out those works at

Friday, October 20, 2006

The devil wears Prada

I finally got to see my works up on the wall. I don't want to make it sounds so vain but damn..those works look real good on the wall. I will upload the photos that I took on Monday later then you can make up your mind that you agree with me or not. I've been doing lots of study in a couple of days, it took me two full days to finish three pages pack of questions. I still have a bit of time to study but it's just the matter that I will do it or not.

I went to watch movie today, I'm sure you can figure it out what movie. When I first saw the previe
w I thought that it's going to be another corny film but hey I was wrong...I loved it,eh! Meryl Streep is fabulous in this film, she's my idol now. Her character, Miranda Priestly is very arrogant, snobbish but very superior at the same time. It's a good attitude to have in the business world I reckon. I love those clothes and accessories that improvised in this movie but I wouldn't want to own them or wear them in the real world. I admit that I love high heels but not as high and as thin like in the film. It's a bit unnatural and looks very uncomfortable. I'd love to be in those heels but not walking around New York city in them. You might get stuck in potholes, who knows. So it's a no no for me.

Also, another thing to point out in this film is the brands. I know the title is including the well-known Prada but Channel and Hermes played the major roles in this film. I only felt "Prada" when Miranda Priestly carried her silver Prada bag when she first appeared (maybe there's more of Prada which I'm sure there are and sorry for being so ignorant). There are many other brands appeared in this film but not as many as those brands which I metioned before. However, even my boyfriend who has a little bit of knowledges in brand-name products said that he saw a lot of channel ( of course how could he go wrong with Channel when there are heaps of black bag with the word "Channel" on them all over the screen) when it shoul
d be more of Prada.

Nevertheless, I don't think I should make a big fuss about it since the whole movie is all about fashion industries and Prada is not the only brand in the fashion world. Also, I got to see tons of nice clothes and ideas of how to mix and match my clothes. Overall, this film is good and I don't mind watching it again. So it's 8/10.

That's all...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Lecture ends

It has been quite awhile since I last blogged. This week has been nothing but catastrophe and I still have Saturday before the new week comes. I got so caught up with my works and my head had no rooms for nothing except work. Anyhow, it's over now since I already submitted my works besides I didn't have a chance to see my final works display on the wall today but I will on Monday. The reason for that is because my lecturer, Simon decided my works would be far more better if I can get them mount onto foam boards. Thus, he took my works to his friend's place yesterday so his friend can mount those works onto foam boards for me.

This is one of my final works (copyright)

Let me assist you with this info first, the deadline for Fine Art Final submission is on Friday 13th Oct at 5 p.m. I didn't get my work back until almost 4p.m. and my lecturer couldn't work out how to put them on the wall since we both agree not to nail them. Therefore, I had to go get Chris who is Senior technician guy at Fine Art to help me. Chris was so busy helping other people and he didn't come up to help me until 4.42p.m. Anyway, we got a solution to display my works on the wall by glue down a string with PVA glue then put tissue paper over it. On the wall, we will put 2 nails then we can hang my work, which is such a great idea but the problem is in order to do that PVA glue needs at least 20 minutes for it to dry which I don't have time for that. We were going to use glue gun but unfortunately nobody has Regardless, my lecturer decided that he and Chris will hang my works on Monday and will let me know so I can go in to have a look. I think he realised that it's not my fault for not putting my works up in time since he was the one who didn't go pick up my works from his friend's place until 3p.m.

I have to say that for the submission this year, I didn't feel so bad or as stress as I used to be which is great. Now I'm on study break which I should take the name of this period of time seriously. No matter I only have one exam but this paper is not a piece of cake like it used to be..screw you cosc lecturers. I'm so sleepy now..I'm gonna go to bed and enjoy my weekend and this is going to be the first time in the past few months that I can turn off my alarm clock and wake up whenever I want. Hang on a minute...I can't I have to ready by 10.30a.m. the plaster guy will come to sand my ceiling (long story about that). Darn...oh and I also can't sleep in on Sunday as well..I have to go to temple. ARGH...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

One more week before the final submission final submission is coming REAL SOON. Next Friday to be exact, I still haven't made up my mind which works I'm going to put up on the wall. Frankly enough to say that I'm not as nervous as I used to be like in the last two years. Maybe I'm kind of over it or just use to the fact that the more you panic the more you screw your works.

I'm planning to work on my workbook tomorrow (after having Sarawak Laksa which will be cooked by Sean) and start thinking really hard on what to do with my next work. That's right I still have one more print to do. I was planning to go to Uni today but for some reason I have a feeling that there will be a lot of people using the big and messy workshop. I find it's quite ludicrous actually when people say that they have lots of work, still they don't do anything apart from puffing smokes outside Fine Art. They come to uni early but seriously they don't do anything all do I know about that..let me tell you this, I'm always at uni and you could call me 'no life' since I'm always in the workshop so I know who's in and who's not. I'm not trying to defense myself or try to make myself looks good here. I mean we all whine about all the tons of work that we have to complete but the difference between me and those who do nothing apart from coming to uni and do nothing except sitting outside the workshop waiting the day to pass by is....I go to uni and do work and I'm confidence enough to say that I always deliver my tasks on time...most of the time. *sigh* Some people just don't know the value of tution fee.

I should go to bed now..I need to pray first then I will go to bed after that. There will be a study break period after next week which I doubt I will study hard but who knows right. People change all the time and maybe I might change to some sort of nerdy..hahaaha..we'll see about that.